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lipstick pencil/brush case


This eco-friendly case is branded with the Breakups to Makeup's signature slogan: “Love Raised Me, Lipstick Saved Me,” along with a set of three #2 pencils each with their own quirky sayings. It is tan matte color and is 7" x 3.75"".

Perfect for cosmetic lovers who need a durable place to house their collection of brushes or for the teen going back to school who’s looking for a fashionable place to store their pens and pencils, the cases are made of durable cardboard stock that is both recyclable and reusable.  Able to withstand the heaviest of purse and backpack loads, the cases are also crush-proof, as well as able to stand up easily on any table or counter-top.

The cases come with three black pencils featuring the signature Breakups to Makeup phrases: “Love Raised Me, Lipstick Saved Me,” “You Can’t Make Up With Us,” and “Breakups to Makeup” in a stylish gold typeface.

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Studio Session-034.jpg
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